Episode 1: Introduction to the Podcast

Transcript of the Episode: 

Main Intro: Welcome to the English for Everyone ESL Podcast! I’m your host, Caren Hayden, and I’m here to help you improve your English.




Ep intro: This week’s podcast is the first ever episode! Welcome! I’ll be giving you an introduction to the show. Stay tuned!




Hi everyone! Welcome to the first episode ever of the English for Everyone ESL Podcast. My name is Caren Hayden, and I’ll be your host. I’ve been teaching ESL since 2001. I have taught every level of ESL, all the way from middle school to university, and beyond to adults in the workplace. My students have been from all over the world – Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. I love teaching English and sharing culture, history, and language with my students. I have a Master’s degree in English as a Second Language, and I’ve lived abroad in Germany and Japan. I love traveling and learning about other cultures.


The English for Everyone ESL Podcast is here to help you improve your English. A new show will be released every week. You will be able to listen to episodes about American culture, English grammar, pronunciation tips, study skills, idioms, book and movie reviews, working and living in the U.S., tips for taking the TOEFL, and much more!


Each episode is in two parts. The first half of the episode is spoken at a normal speed. [Just like I’m talking to you right now.] Then I’ll repeat the episode at a slower speed. [This is the slower version of the podcast.]


All of the transcripts for the show can be found at www.englishforeveryonepod.com. You can also find notes and other resource links about each episode there.


I truly hope this podcast will help you improve your English. I am a language learner myself and use podcasts to study my second language, German.


Main Outro: Well, that’s it for today, everyone. Thank you so much for listening to the English for Everyone ESL Podcast! Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and find all of the show notes and more information about today’s episode on the show website: www.englishforeveryonepod.com. [Stay tuned for the slower version of today’s episode.]




Bye Bye!

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